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Welcome!  I am Karl Fernandez, a Pacific Islander from Guam, but currently living in Huntsville, AL, who has just recently come across the opportunity of a lifetime - to obtain legal custody of a beautiful baby girl  who is also from Guam.  This blog was inspired by this new journey of mine as an adoptive father.  I wanted to document my experiences, initially, to keep my friends and family informed of the process, but it has progressed even more to collect memories of this journey for my new baby girl.  It's crucial that as she grows up, she realizes how loved she is, not only by Mark, my partner, and me, but by both of our extended families and friends.

As a visitor here, you are part of a fantastic community.  I encourage you to leave comments in the blog posts and share your experiences as well.  This is a new chapter in my life, and I thought, for the first time, to open my personal life to others, to be vulnerable, in hopes to connect us all in this world of differences, and reveal that despite these differences, we all experience similar human connections and emotions.  In this blog, I share my feelings, thoughts, and emotions through this journey as a new father regarding all the social complexities it comes with, along with living now as a gay dad.  

Thank you so much for subscribing to this blog and commenting!  I hope you enjoy the journey along with me!

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